Why Should I Private Label with Purge Products?

You can promote your brand or image on many products, but why not choose a product that is complimentary to your main product line. Sure hats and pens are great, but not all people need a hat or pen or sweater when using your product. By partnering with us, you are providing  your customers something they need and you help promote your brand and increase sales.

How Does it Work?

Its Easy! You simply choose which products you want, then send us your logo or artwork preferences. We send you a proof, you approve the proof , and then we ship you your product. 

Are There Any Minimums?

Our minimums are one case, which is either 24 or 16 bottles.  That is all it takes.

Is There a Contract or Any Hidden Agreements or Commitments?

Never. There is no commitments or obligations. Of course we hope you and your customers find our products useful and you order again, but there is never any obligation for future purchases.

Are There Any Other Charges or Art Fees?

No setup fees or art charges. We will take care of all that for you. Just send us the logo and any other information you want on the label.

How Long Does it Take?

Generally we can have product to you within 5 -10 days depending on the complexity of the artwork and the number of changes.